Sand City Hurghada

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Sand City Hurghada

Sand City Hurghada is famous for being one of the best tourist cities in Egypt. This coastal city is characterized by many attractions that attract the largest number of tourists throughout the year besides the existence of museums and charming beaches with soft sand and clear water.


The possibility of diving experience and watching many types of fish and picking Memorials from the coral reefs, but this city is characterized by the existence of some international museums that many people visit such as the museum that we will talk about today.

About Sand city Hurghada

In the south of Hurghada, Sand city Hurghada was built in 2014. Where a large number of sculptors contributed to the works within this museum. With participation from almost 17 countries such as America and France.

This museum is distinguished by sand and white sand sculptures. The museum contains more than 40 statues. This museum is the fifth in the world and the first in the Middle East and North Africa. This museum has the potential to be visited throughout the year.

Statues in Sand city Hurghada

The museum has much sculpture works, with a large number of statues, which have been donated by sculptors of various nationalities.

There are many statues of historical, Catalan and mythological figures, where statues of famous figures such as Napoleon can be seen. Children can also enjoy visiting this museum by watching famous cartoon characters such as Spider-Man and Batman.

Sand City Hurghada

You can participate in competitions organized through the museum. Where children can participate in sculpture education by helping to carve and draw some famous characters and learn through play.

All sculptures in the museum are conserved each period, due to erosion and climate change. This museum is located next to many luxury hotels.

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