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Hurghada cities, It can be said that the city of Hurghada is the administrative capital of the Red Sea Governorate, which falls under it many cities such as Marsa Alam and Safaga, Halaib and Shalatin. Each of these cities has many features that attract a large number of visitors continuously throughout the year. Hurghada has a commercial port and it is considered one of the most tourist and coastal cities visited in Egypt by tourists from different cultures and nationalities.

The area of Hurghada is 11261 km. The population of the city is 297,187. Hurghada is the oldest tourist city in Egypt.

Hurghada city

Hurghada has many cultural landmarks, various beaches, and a large number of tourist resorts and hotels. The climate is mild throughout the year.

In the next paragraphs, we will show you the most important areas in the city of Hurghada, which we recommend to visit to spend wonderful times.

District of Dahar

This area of Hurghada has many restaurants and cafés and is considered one of the best vacation areas for young people. There are also a large number of markets. This area is characterized by civic life with Bedouin life.


This area is characterized by parties and restaurants that are always open to visitors, and there are many tourist areas to visit. There are also many clubs and markets.

Hadaba area

This area is very similar to the plateau, where people feel as they walk up the streets from the top of the earth to the top. One of the advantages of this area is the presence of many luxury resorts and large numbers of hotels. The area overlooks many beaches.

Al Zahra Hurghada

one of the best places of Hurghada, al Zahra Hurghada is a new place in Hurghada and considered the best area for living, all services are here, hospitals, clubs and all entertainment means.


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