Fishing Village in Hurghade

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Fishing village in Hurghada, Many know whether the people of Egypt or the tourists who visit Egypt, the great pleasure that can spend when visiting Hurghada, especially if the aim of recreation and get long periods of calm. Although Egypt has many tourist attractions in many of its cities such as Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria and other tourist cities, Hurghada is one of the most visited tourist destinations. Hurghada is about 550 km from Cairo. Although the city’s founding date is almost 100 years and this period is small, this coastal city has succeeded in attracting the largest number of tourists during that period and has become a world-famous great.

Marine life in Hurghada

Although Hurghada is considered a high-altitude city, it is considered one of the most visited tourist cities on an annual basis. The city is characterized by many attractions such as climate diversity, many net beaches and diving with coral reefs. It also has many international hotel chains of all levels. Tourists spend the evening strolling out or sightseeing at nightclubs in the city.

Hurghada has many tourist resorts that are famous for its international reputation. The Red Sea has a warm climate throughout the year. Where the temperature is between 30 and 41. The temperature of the beaches between 20 to 28, making them suitable for diving always.

fishing village in Hurghada

The most important feature of the city of Hurghada and makes it a wonderful tourist interface, is having wonderful beaches where there are many colonies of coral reefs, and also there are many kinds of rare fish that can be diving with them. Unlike the soft sand and the degree of purity of water, where you can see under the water for a distance of 30 meters. Hurghada has many wonderful cities such as Marsa Alam, Safaga, El Gouna. There are also many wonderful islands such as Abu Nahas Island and Abu Monqar Island. In Hurghada, there is a museum of aquatic animals, which can be seen strange species of fish inside, and organize many fishing competitions, which involved the contestants of different nationalities.

Hurghada has a large number of beaches, and many tourists spend great fishing time. Hurghada is characterized by the existence of many types of fish, as each type of fish can be caught in specific places and also at specific times of the day, such as fish can be caught in the evening only or the morning. Fishermen may need permits to catch, and some beaches do not need permits to start fishing.


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