Leave to Visit temple of Isis (Philae temple), and then leave to visit one of the most important achievements in a modern history high dam and the go-to see the unfinished obelisk

Tour Details

Love Egypt Tours representative will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan to start the Aswan tour by visiting one of the beautiful sights in Aswan Philae temple located at Agilkia Island the temple built during the Greco-Roman period.

The temple moved from the original island, the temple dismantled over 40,000 pieces and relocated to nearby Agilikia island (1972 – 1980). Then you will visit Aswan high dam a great project in the last century in Egypt starting to build a high dam now a day the high dam saved Egypt from the risk of the flood.

Then you end your tour by visiting unfinished obelisk where lied there queen Hatshepsut around 42 meters length the place considered the quarry of granite and there show us the technique how the ancient Egyptians to cut obelisks.




$ 90 Per Person

2 Persons

$ 75 Per Person

3 Persons

$ 65 Per Person

4 Persons

$ 55 Per Person

5 Persons

$ 50 Per Person

6 Persons & more

$ 45 Per Person

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