Visit the East side of the Nile Luxor temple was built by Amenhotep III grandfather of Tut ankh Amon and karnak temples the huge complex construction over 2000 years to finish it

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Love Egypt tours representative will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Luxor to visit Luxor temple one of the Impressive temples of the east side the great builder Ramses II added 18 statues and huge obelisk there. Luxor temple is connected to karnak temples by sphinx avenue, karnak temples is the biggest complex temples in the world (62 acres) dedicated to the main god of Thebes Amon Ra. There you can see the best great hypostyle hall consist of 143 massive columns also you can see the sacred lake of the god Amon Ra still at good conditions, the queen Hatshepsut erected the huge obelisk there (323 tons), the spiritual temple of the god Osiris temple open to the visitors




$ 88 Per Person

2 Persons

$ 65 Per Person

3 Persons

$ 60 Per Person

4 Persons

$ 55 Per Person

5 Persons

$ 50 Per Person

6 Persons & more

$ 45 Per Person

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