Leave Aswan to visit Edfu temple (Horus temple) then drive back to visit Kom Ombo temple (the double temple)

Tour Details

Love Egypt tours representative will pick you up from your hotel in Aswan to drive around 100 K.M to visit Edfu temple also known Horus temple the main temple built 237 B.C. the temple considered one of the most preserved temple in upper Egypt they took 180 years to finish the inscription inside the temple.

The pylon of the Temple considered the highest one in Egyptian temples it is 37 meters height then you will drive back to Kom Ombo temple. The name of the temple means the hill of gold.

The temple is the only double temple in Egypt built to two gods Sobek (the crocodile) and Horus (falcon god) the temple was built during the Greco-Roman period location of the temple sitting directly overlooking the Nile. In the best scene, you can see there are surgical instruments.



$ 150 Per Person

2 Persons

$ 120 Per Person

3 Persons

$ 100 Per Person

4 Persons

$ 90 Per Person

5 Persons

$ 80 Per Person

6 Persons & more

$ 70 Per Person

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