Leave Aswan in the early morning to visit two temples of Abu Simbel it is considered the masterpieces of ancient Egypt. enjoy Abu Simbel tour

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Love Egypt tours representative will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Aswan by conveying to start Abu Simbel tour it is around 280 K.M south of Aswan, rock-cut temples date back to great Ramses II (1290 B.C). the great one dedicated to the god Rahorakhety, Amon, Btah and King Ramses II as a deified king. The façade of the temple decorated by four Colossi seated statues of Ramses II around 20 meters’ height. The small temple for the goddess Hathor also called the queen Nefertari temple she considered the most beloved wife of king Ramses II. The façade of the temple contains 6 standing statues about 11 meters’ height




$ 250 Per Person

2 Persons

$ 175 Per Person

3 Persons

$ 150 Per Person

4 Persons

$ 120 Per Person

5 Persons

$ 100 Per Person

6 Persons & more

$ 95 Per Person

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