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Dahshur is a royal necropolis located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile 40 km south of Cairo, The Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, Snofru (2575- 2551 bc ) who was the first ruler of 4th dynasty built these two pyramids, his son was Cheops who continued his constructive tendencies.

Other major monuments at Dahshur date to the 12th and 13th Dynasties, the white pyramid of Amenemhet11, the black pyramid of Amenemhet111 and the pyramid of Senusert

The Dahshur pyramids were a remarkably important learning knowledge for the Egyptians. It presented them with the knowledge and know-how to transition from steep-sided pyramids to smooth-sided pyramids. Eventually, their extent of experience would allow them to build the Great Pyramid of Giza, the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing.

The first of the Dahshur pyramids was the Bent Pyramid (2613–2589 BC), which built under the rule of King Sneferu, Bent Pyramid was the first try at building a smooth-sided pyramid, but proved to be an unsuccessful build due to the miscalculations made on the structural weight that was being placed onto the soft ground (sand, gravel, and clay) which tended to subside. Other thoughts that were proven to be erroneous were that the blocks being used were cut in such a manner that when placed onto the pyramid their weight was not distributed appropriately, causing the angle of the pyramid to be off and achieving the name “the Bent Pyramid”.


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