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Recommended trips you can enjoy while you stay in Hurghada

Discover Hurghada Tours

Here you will find all our most recommended trips you can enjoy while you stay in Hurghada.

Hurghada Tours includes Day trips, over day trips, Adventure trips and overnight trips.

You can visit Luxor and explore the valley of the kings, Karnak temples, Hatshepsut temple and much more.

Cairo also is about 4 hours driving from Hurghada, you have the chance to stand in front of the Great Sphinx and have an unforgettable visit to one of the seven wonders The Greate Pyramids.

Moreover, Adventure trips are the most recommended to do in Hurghada tours. Discover the Read Sea Desert and join our Jeep or Quad safari trips to meet the Bedouin and know more about their lifestyle.

Discover the new and unique snorkelling spots of the Read Sea, enjoy one day trip to Abu Dabab (Turtle Bay). where you will swim with the turtles and watch the sea dugong in their natural habitat.

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